Happy new year
Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy new year to all , i know its a little late but better late then never i suppose.

Everyone is talking about resolutions for the new year and soon after the year begins most people will forget those resolutions and re visit them again at the end of the year realising that they haven't really stuck to those..

i decided that from now on each year i will make a resolution for life.. not just the year.. mine for 2008? Not to be afraid.. of anyone, anything or any new challenge in my life, not afraid to ask for my rights no matter how unacheivable it might seem to be..

and my second one.. to try and take it easier on myself .. judge myself a little less and love myself a little more.. now that one is truly going to be a challenge.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So ..i have been staring at my dead blog for a while.. thinking to myself that it's about time i updated.. then i sat staring at the empty page wondering what to write!! it feels like its just not worth the effort because everything i say will be repetative.. work or family.. not much going on otherwise because i barely have the time to think of anything else.. so is it worth updating? and for who.. i am sure any interested readers have given up on this page a long time ago..

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loving it
Sunday, May 06, 2007

Three weeks on the new job so far and I am enjoying it.

I go through moments of sheer panic at the thought that I not only need to know how to do my job, but I also need to know the job that my team is doing. It’s a whole new ball game being in a management position. Especially in a different organization and in a different area to the one I am experienced in. But so far I am loving it.

It’s also a different atmosphere working in the private sector. Although my previous place wasn’t totally ‘governmental’ in the way they operated but here you feel the challenge, the real work that goes behind making profit. While in my old place, it was a casino. True I was a portfolio manager managing A LOT of money.. but the thrill wasn’t there anymore for me I guess.

I also get to go home for 40 minutes in the middle of the day and eat WARM food compared to stale sandwiches. And if I am lucky my son would be awake at that time and I actually get to spend some time with him before going back to work. And that is something I love.
He’s grown up so much and so quickly, it’s amazing. I can’t remember how my life was before him its like my memories only really matter since I met my husband and from the day my son was born all red and wrinkly.

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New Career
Saturday, April 14, 2007

So after complaining and complaining about the unfair situation I was facing at work. I finally decided to do something about it.

Today was my first day at my new job. And I have to say it was very exciting. I came into a whole new world learning something totally new. It’s more than refreshing this feeling of being totally respected. Being told on the first day of your job that ‘the company’ is lucky to have me and they have big plans for me was an amazing contrast to where I was before.

Although I have to say when asked about my old job I still talk about the place like I belong there and then rephrase to remind myself I no longer work there.. but that I am here. I miss the some of my friends there.. the morning tea gossip session.. and the familiarity of the place.

In terms of friendships I think I will be restricted here, as I entered this new place on a management level I have to be careful of they way I deal with the people around me. I remind myself that I have to be firm yet fair and to constantly encourage my staff.

I think its going to be a challenging experience.. which I welcome with all my heart and mind.

Wish me luck.

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Just Another Meaningless Update
Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ok i got bored from the previous post popping up everytime i opened my blog.. so i decided to update.. FINALLY.. i really don't have anything to say,, u can say i am at a loss for words ( my husband would find that unbelievable)...

so this is just to say i am alive.. i am well and hopefully will update with something interesting later.

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Disaster party!
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yesterday was my cousin's engagement party (father's brother's son).

I got a call on Friday inviting me to the engagement.. and when i asked where it was.. i was told to go to this hall.. i was like OK.. so yesterday i passed by my mother and sister and we went to hall..

as we entered the hall we noticed we are the only people from my father's family who are there.. THE ONLY PEOPLE... all the people there were from the bride's side.. apparently my father's family gathered at my uncle's house and they all entered together with the gifts etc..

so there they are all of them entering together and me and my mother were sitting there like idiots.. i felt so embarrassed and angry.. i told my mother let's leave.. she was like no wait.. of course my mother being the blunt person she is.. went and berated them for not telling us.. and of course everyone was like " oh we only found out by coincidence to go there" yeah right.. they ALL found out by coincidence.. i guessed they thought we are stupid..

so we stayed but i was pissed off ,, i just sat there waiting for the whole thing to finish.. not to mention my mother gave me a lecture on what i wearing as she felt it was not appropriate..

when the groom came in ,, AGAIN they called everyone to go to the door to bring him in.. EXCEPT US.. and i took out my keys this time and told my mother let's go.. but nope she said let's stay.. so i kept thinking to myself .. if only i had came alone.. i would have been home with my husband and son now.. my husband who respects me and loves me.. not my supposed family who treat me like a stranger..

so now i am sitting there boiling inside.. and dinner time came.. i told my mother i am not hungry.. she said.. oh u must feel embarrassed to walk around (because of my clothes) and i just kept quiet.. i mean nothing could get worse than this..

finally thankfully my mother agreed to leave after dinner and i went home.. i was so upset i didn't even talk to my husband or anything.. i just went and slept..

that's the last family social gathering i will be attending for a while..

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Household disasters
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I think i am going insane.. ok let me rephrase I KNOW i am going insane !!

so for the past month there has been a series of maintenence disasters at my house and i am going mad.. let's start at the beginning

1) our bathroom shower stall: so apparently when we got married and refurbished the bathroom.. no one told us that fibre glass shower stalls are crap.. they peel in a disgusting way and well they break.. so a few weeks ago i noticed that water is leaking onto the outside wall of the bathroom.. ( onto the NEWLY painted wall i may add).. so i was like.. the bathroom is new.. the pipes are new what's going on.. and i figured it must be leaking from under the shower stall.. the leakage reached the guest bathroom downstairs.. water was dripping from that ceiling !!

so we replaced the shower stall with tiles... hotel style.. and now everything is ok.. we still need to repaint the wall and the ceiling as the plumber said it will take at least a month to dry out..

2) While me and husband were in ruwi buying tiles etc for the bathroom problem.. our housemaid calls in a panic.. saying " i was sitting with adham (my son) watching tv when suddenly i hear this loud POOF and then the lights went out" ... ahhh so what is the explanation? the flexible heater pipes in the kitchen burst and water flooded the bathroom.. since the heater was switched on an electric shock occurred. Oh and that's not all

while the maid was trying to switch on the electricity from the main switch .. she broke the lever.. so there complete darkness and flooding water.. just great..

anyways we got that fixed the same day..

3) ahh so now its last friday.. me my husband and adham are visiting my husband's relatives when the maid calls again... so i think ,, she never calls ,, this can't be good.. she says " i was vaccumming when i heard a loud BOOOM (yes she loves the sound effects)" ,, now what i think to myself.. she said one of the kitchen cupboards fell onto the floor and all our crytsl glasses ,, bowls etc u name it.. totall crushed.. !! so you think how did that happen? apparently the wood cupboard took in water from problem number 2 and the wood just shattered.. 20 yr old cupboard after all.

we still haven't gotten around to fixing that... carpenter is coming today

4) whatt? its not over yet? .. u would have thought so .. but nooooo.. fate had something else in store for us.. so we are all asleep.. its 5 am.. when this time me and my husband hear a loud crash.. i figure.. there goes another cupboard... nope i was wroooonggg....

so we go down to inspect and we find one of the NEWLY installed lights on the floor.. the whole thing just fell screws and all.. apparently the holes were too big according to my husband.. so i say why now though? the house maid in all her wisdom says.. the banging in the bathroom upstairs when we fixed the shower issue must have caused the screws to be displaced !!!

so there you have it ..

i told my husband.. one more and i go to ibn sina..

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